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Dan Ranson - 26 July 2020 - York

It’s a no brainer, DO IT!!

This was our first year renting a student property privately, and it became very obvious immediately that Sandra and Rob were two of the best and most professional landlords that you can find as a student. The house was immaculate from moving in and didn't have that "student house" feel to it, rather more of a home. Both were also very attentive to any issues that we had with the house (which was very rarely). It would take no time at all for the things that we needed to be sorted, and professionally done as well. No issue was too big for them! The 8 of us found it an absolute pleasure living in one of Sandra and Rob's properties this year, it really was perfect! If you are considering living in one their properties, it's a no brainer, DO IT!! From all of us, thank you.

Molly Bishop - 25 July 2020 - York

Couldn't have asked for better landlords!

Sandra and Rob Hardcastle are extremely professional and were a delight to have as landlords. We rented from them for a year and from the moment we met them when viewing the house, we knew they would be brilliant. The eight bed house was in very good condition - anything broken or damaged would be replaced or fixed usually within 24 hours. Sandra's promptness to deal with all maintenance issues was reassuring. They were very friendly and approachable as landlords, and especially during Coronavirus they were very accommodating. I would highly recommend renting with Sandra and Rob to anyone, as students you will be dealing with a very high standard of service.

Amy Goldthorpe and James Abbott - 23 July 2020 - York

Our home away from home!

Couldn't have asked for a better property for our second year, Sandra and Rob were incredibly flexible and accommodating to our needs as students, and the house wasn't like any other student house I've seen - it was extremely well presented and kept. It was honestly our home away from home. I would recommend wholeheartedly to any students looking for a stress free tenancy.

Hector Stalker and Angel Simeonov - 12 July 2020 - York

Really set the standard

Our time in Pinelands Way was easily the most pleasant out of any rental either of us had ever had in the UK. It was truly a lovely, well-kept property in an excellent location with brilliantly receptive landlords, and we felt welcome from day one of moving in. We can't stress enough how great of an experience it was compared to how it has felt having to deal with so many other landlords in the past. Many thanks to Sandra and Rob for their whole-hearted help — they have really set the standard.

Georgia, Emma, Ellie, Megan and Amy - 10 July 2020 - York

So warm and homely

As soon as we moved in, we were so impressed with the standard of the house: new mattresses where needed, new smart TV, spotlessly clean surfaces/ carpets and everything was in perfectly working order. The house felt so warm and homely as soon as we moved in. We had hardly any issues with the property and any that we did have were resolved the same day (if not, the following day.) This even included a new set of hobs that were delivered and installed within 24 hours. Sandra and Rob were always so friendly when they popped round and nothing seemed too much hassle. Their efficiency was amazing and is so rare to find with other landlords. Thank you to the both of you.

Teri Gore - 25 June 2019 - York

Home away from Home

From initially viewing properties, to signing and living in our student accommodation, everything about the service that Sandra and Rob provided has been smooth and professional. They were quick to respond to any queries and managed to arrange a new fridge for us within 48 hours of ours breaking. They are extremely friendly and were happy to help with any issues that we had. As a result of this we stayed in our property for two years as we knew we were in good hands. We had no issues with bills, or the quality of our property and its furnishings as everything was of a high standard. Sandra and Rob make student accommodation feel like a home away from home. For anyone who is apprehensive about the transition from campus accommodation to renting their own property, I would highly recommend Sandra and Rob at Hardcastle Properties.

Kelly Parker - 15 July 2019 - York

A* Landlords

I have had a fantastic few years living in two of Sandra and Rob’s properties. The houses are clean, tidy and homely, with plenty of shelving and space. They are very attentive, easily approachable and friendly landlords. Any problems we encountered were resolved within a few days. We enjoyed our second year house so much that we chose to move to another of Sandra and Rob’s properties for third year as we couldn’t imagine renting with a better landlord. I would highly recommend – thanks for a great 2 years.

Emily Lay - 14 July 2019 - York

Friendly, reliable and experienced Landlords

We rented a 6 bed house from Sandra and Rob at Hardcastle Properties. The house was in brilliant condition, had everything we could need and felt homely. Sandra and Rob were incredibly helpful throughout our time in the house, were fast to respond to queries and always very professional. We were impressed by the continued refurbishment and maintenance of the house to ensure that everything was of the highest standard – something we haven’t experienced with other landlords. This was the best house we have had in York and we would definitely recommend Hardcastle Properties to all York students for a friendly, reliable and experienced service.

Ben Jayamanne - 3 August 2019

Cracking Landlords

Our of all the rental companies I have used in York, Hardcastle Properties were by far the superior. Sandra and Rob really kept on top of all aspects of the house and were available for contact whenever needed. I cannot think of a situation where a solution to a problem wasn’t arranged within 24 hours of us reporting it. Our washing machine broke towards the end of the tenancy (in exam season which added to our stresses!) but they quickly sorted a replacement. We built a good rapport and felt comfortable enough to approach them whenever we needed to. So overall a massive thank you to Sandra and Rob for your help over the last year, you were cracking.

Amy, Liv, Lissy and Tamzin - 19 July 2019

Great support and organisation

We had a great year in Millfield Lane, our first experience of renting a property. Sandra and Rob could not have been more helpful. The house felt more like a home than a student house of four girls. Our calls were always answered promptly and any problems were solved within a very short time frame (usually within 24 hours). We would highly recommend our property and most of all Hardcastle Properties to future students due to the support and great organisation they provide and exhibit.

Megan Soley – 21 June 2018

Attentive and caring landlords

We rented our house from Sandra and Rob for two years, and honestly could not have asked for better landlords (especially considering the horror stories about student landlords we had heard!) The house was in immaculate condition when we moved in with new carpets, a new hob and new mattresses in some of the rooms. During our tenancy a gorgeous new bathroom was put in, and Sandra even bought us two bottles of wine to say sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused. Any problems we had were sorted out within a couple of days and they are always a phone call away. I whole heartedly recommend renting with Sandra and Rob; they are attentive and caring landlords and maintain their properties and their relationships with their tenants to the very highest of standards.

India Walden – 23 July 2018 – York York

Outstanding landlords - We had a great year in one of their lovely houses

Rob and Sandra were outstanding landlords and we had a great year in one of their lovely houses! They dealt with any issues which arouse (of which there were very few) and queries we had efficiently and quickly, completely resolving them. This, along with the fact that we could easily get hold of Rob and Sandra marked them out for us from other student landlords. Consequently, we had a great time in the house, which was very well kept and homely. We would definitely recommend Hardcastle Properties to other students.

Caitlin Gore - 14 August 2018 - York York

A home away from home! Amazing landlords and property!

I stayed in a house of five bedrooms during university and I can honestly say I couldn't have asked for better landlords. Sandra and Rob have been truly amazing, if anything needed fixing or sorting it was done either the same day or the day after. The house didn't feel like student accommodation and we were made to feel at home. Not only this but the house was well looked after and the exterior and facilities were checked regularly. I would highly recommend Sandra and Rob. Not only did we sign our agreement for a second year but my sister is also a tenant of Hardcastle Properties now too.

Ellicia Swindells - 23 August 2018 - York York

Brilliant friendly landlords and homely houses

Rob and Sandra were brilliant Landlords, they were so friendly and easy to get a hold of. They responded to any minor problems quickly and efficiently. The house itself was lovely and homely! you would not have guessed it was a student house. We would definitely recommend using Hardcastle properties to any students wanting comfortable houses with caring landlords.

Laura Wood - 02 August 2017 - York

Brilliant house and very reliable landlords.

We stayed in our house for two years and were extremely happy with the property. When we arrived the house had been repainted and cleaned to a very high standard and some of the rooms even had new mattresses. The property was maintained extremely well. Rob and Sandra were great landlords, extremely efficient and professional. I would highly recommend Hardcastle Properties to other students looking to rent.

Georgia & Sarah - 21 July 2017 - York

Better than we could have asked for!

From the day we moved in to our property, Rob and Sandra were the perfect landlords. As they don't use an estate agent as a middleman, it was always easy to contact them directly and they were quick at dealing with any small problems that arose. They were friendly and accommodating and keep their properties to a high standard, which they seem to be constantly refurbishing and improving, and they are homely and great to live in. We'd highly recommend Sandra and Rob as landlords for their professional yet friendly nature.

Scott Healey - 21 July 2017 - York

Amazing house and landlords

Sandra and Rob's property was excellent. It was well furnished, very clean and came with all the essential information. They were easy to contact and were quick to respond to any issues we had. They were friendly, professional and understanding from day one. We had a fantastic year in their property!

Alex and Katie - 20 July 2017 - York

Really lovely landlords and a really nice house

Sandra and Rob were really friendly, we couldn't have asked for nicer landlords. When we moved in the house was clean, tidy and fully furnished. The carpets had been replaced and the walls repainted, it was just a really nice feeling when moving into somewhere new. I would 100% recommend Sandra and Rob to anyone looking for a great house and some lovely landlords.

Kieran, Hannah and Alyce - 11 July 2017 - York
Fantastic landlords and a fantastic house!! Our house was in a perfect condition when we moved in, couldn't have asked for more. Couldn't tell it was a student property at all. Any issues we had during the year were dealt with by Sandra and Rob very efficiently - they are lovely people and fantastic landlords. 10/10 would recommend to anyone!